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Thank you for visiting and for every moment you spend exploring. All we need is already within the heart of each of us.
Hi! My name is Laura Bedford. I share about our True Nature as oneness and our exceptional sensitivity to chi/light and our oneness within this light as we let go of our ego, which is simply all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that blocks our awareness of the light, love, oneness and the interconnectivity of light/life.
A horse doesn't care how much you know,
until he knows how much you care. 
Pat Parelli
Several years ago, while living in Bellingham, Washington, I had an inner experience where I was shown horses in hospital beds. I began to do some research. After moving to Illinois in 2010, I interviewed a veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Heart-Bellini, who shared that horses hide their pain. While I knew horses wanted me to know they are in pain, I had no idea they hide pain. I came to find out this is a known fact by sensitive beings who work with horses and other prey animals.
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