Laura's ​Book ~ The Mix Up

The Mix Up, is an uplifting, joy-packed, inspirational book pointing to who (what) we really are. The book naturally tunes the reader into his/her Inner Light, and shares about the science of enlightenment and why it is essential to focus on everyone's Inner Christ Light while we temporarily live as human beings. (It has come to my attention that other organizations use the rainbow as a symbol. The golden color and the rainbow on the cover of the book is used to show the actual Great Rays we really are and that we are immersed within at all times.)
The book includes delightful tools for dissolving ego and tuning in to our Inner Light (enlightenment). While it is not a "horse book" per se, it does speak about horses and how they are being employed therapeutically to support healing in people.
The Mix Up was self-published in 2011.
It is available through or your favorite bookseller.