More About Why Horses Hide Their Pain

Welcome to a bit more about Horses Hide Their Pain.
We vibrationally and with words (through intellectual understanding) explore the fact that horses go to extremes to hide their pain. Sensitive individuals who work with animals have long known and shared this awareness.
It is taking us time to fully grasp the value of the inner shift into awareness of our high sensitivity to the flow of life within (chi). Each of us, human and other animals, sense what is accurate naturally.
When we trust peaceful higher awareness, our inner light, all far, far, far beyond our own first impulses or personal agendas miracles arrive. Inner shifts happen within both species and a deepening of connectivity-awareness arises. The flow, the zone, is felt.
As we adventure on Earth and with work of this nature, known by many names, it is vital to remember that our own thoughts/ego responds first until we are aligned within to our inner light awareness.
Much pain can be spared for horses and humans as we slow and observe direct awareness within and by observing. Please help us end misunderstanding, pain and suffering for horses and humans.
Join us and thrive! Welcome! Thank you for exploring
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