Questionnaire to Support Awareness and Learning

I would love to hear from you. If you are drawn to share your thoughts with me (Laura), please email me at horseshidetheirpain   "at"  gmail  "dot"  com (email is written this

way to help prevent spam. Thank you for your understanding.)

1. How did you learn that horses hide pain? If it resonates, ask others who love and/or work with horses if they are aware that horses hide pain, and how they came to see this.

2. How did this information shift your approach to observing and working with your horse or horses in general? 


3. Were you resistant at first or easily accepting of the information that horses hide pain?


4. Do you feel that horses hiding their pain is common knowledge? Why or why not?


5. Please share a story or two of horses you know or that you have heard about hiding pain. How did you realize the horse was in pain you had previously been unaware of? What did you do to help the horse?


6. What are some helpful ways to gently bring more awareness to owners, trainers and caregivers not familiar with the knowledge horses are hard-wired genetically to hide pain?


7. What kinds of questions would you like to see on a questionnaire of this nature?

Email question/responses to horseshidetheirpain   "at"   gmail   "dot"  com or laurabedford   "at"    mac   "dot"   com  Writing email address in this way

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Thank you for your time here, and for all you do to support horses.

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