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Below you will find a few exceptional equine practitioners. And, there are many more practitioners all over the world supporting incredible healing.

Heart-Bellini DVM, Rachel ~ At Heart Equine, Animal Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine are used to evaluate a horse's condition and to restore the body to proper balance and alignment. Western Sports Medicine techniques are used to identify and treat lameness. The integrated approach to treating performance and medical issues allows us to manage and often cure chronic problems that had previously been accepted as incurable. Rehabilitation of soundness injuries and managing performance horses is significantly more successful using this unique combination of therapies. Dr. Heart-Bellini recognizes need to focus on the whole horse in relationship to the injury. 847.212.4012. Colorado and Illinois.

Sabor, Beth ~ Outstanding Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner/Certified Equine Sports Massage/Reiki Master/Yoga Teacher. As a body, mind, spirit worker, Beth is guided by intuition, compassion and love. Each session is customized to meet the needs of the client and may include bodywork, cranio-sacral, energy healing, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, animal communication, nutritional guidance, and heart offers to assist in awakening to the balance within.

847.366.0087 ~ Northern IL/Midwest Area/Consultations by Phone

Holistic Essence - serving animals and their human companions on the path to wellness and remembering

Hajner, Mary ~ Equine cranio-sacral practitioner and herbalist, Mary, practices a balanced approach to equine health that establishes the body's natural rhythms. Cranio-sacral work is a non-invasive, hands-on feeling the motion of the cerebral spinal fluid to release physical and emotional traumas stored in the equine body. Her herbal practice recognizes how horses instinctively eat plant nutrients they lack in their body. By bringing herbs back into their diet, horses can be supported to bring their bodies into harmony. Mary is also the founder of TEAM-TB (Thoroughbred), a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide physical and emotional rehabilitation for OTTBs (Off Track Thoroughbreds) that are no longer able to race. TEAM-TB offers resources, support, continuing education, and seminars for veterinarians and owners on the different options they have to approaching their horses’ health and behavioral issues. For more information, or 303.475.8673, Colorado area

Kay, Laurie ~ Wonderful Animal Communicator, Massage/Body Work Therapist, Energy Healing, Stardust Sanctuary Horse and Dog Rescue. Laurie is an amazing, beautiful being supporting animals and humans to astonishing degrees. Laurie is also an aromatherapy practitioner and develops healing products for horses and humans. Her rescue organization gladly and gratefully accepts donations.

847.774.6139 ~ Northern IL/Chicago area/Consultations by Phone

Santens, Anke ~ Exceptional Horse Coach and Healer for Humans and Horses, combining horse coaching with quantum medicine, consciousness expansion techniques, animal communication and karmic therapy

Anke is based in Europe

Founder of Equiboost, the Horse Coaching Center, Chez Oro and the Horse University

Bedford, Laura ~ (That's me.) Founded the website Horses Hide Their Pain after learning that as herd and prey animals, horses are extreme pain hiders. I support children and adults to gently heal limiting beliefs and awaken to our Divine Nature, and I'm happy to link those who support horses (and other animals) to others interested in this field. As an advocate for humans and animals to know our Highest Self, I authored The Mix Up, a delightful book to support accessing our Inner Light. 630.864.8992 or TrustingOurInnerLight    "at"    gmail  dot   org (please forgive how email is written, it helps reduce spam).

If you or someone you know should be added to this list of practitioners, please contact me at 630.864.8992.