A few testimonials
After participating in a horse workshop and a week of intense research, I had a powerful dream of horses in hospital beds. After researching further, I learned how much horses (and humans) naturally hide pain.
"Laura has a way of selflessly guiding an individual to the truth that resides within them. Her methods of speaking and teaching are gentle yet confident, and I believe she could easily hold an audience composed of scientific backgrounds, psychological backgrounds, spiritual and/or religious backgrounds and children."
Heather Othmer
Real Estate Broker and Product 
"Laura uses methods of listening, observing and experiential learning to create an environment of joy and discovery that allows children to learn and feel empowered. I have seen breakthroughs that Laura has achieved with children helping them overcome shyness, tempers and fear. She then simultaneously replaces these experiences with confidence, self-love, optimism, empowerment, and an open mind for learning more."
Suzanne Covelli
Human Resources Manager and a Mom
"I've experienced vibrational healing for over ten years and have worked with many people. Our session was one of the most powerful I've ever experienced. You are one of the best."
R Guzik
Business Development Consultant
"Laura has an innate ability for deep listening and answering questions from a place of wisdom, love and respect. She speaks in a gentle, universal and non-dogmatic fashion, which is easily accessible by all."
David B
Business Owner/Engineer and a Dad